1941 – 1942

September 01, 1941 – August 31, 1942


As elected at the fifth annual meeting in May 1941:

President:  John N. Meagher
Vice-President, New Brunswick:  Julia Crawford
Vice-President, Nova Scotia:  John Bradford
Vice-President, Prince Edward Island:  Jacqueline MacDonald
Secretary:  Margaret Hibbert
Treasurer:  W.R. Pheeney

Editor, Maritime Art:  Walter Abell

Ex-officio members of the Executive:
Jean Byers for Nova Scotia, Mrs. Otto Miller for St. Andrews, James E. Harris for Prince Edward Island.

Exhibitions on loan from the National Gallery of Canada:
Royal Canadian Academy
Netherwood School, Rothesay

Czecho-Slovakian Water Colours
St. John’s
Saint John

Modern Colour Prints
St. Andrews

Exhibitions organized by the MAA:

Muhlstock “One Man Show.”  Four showings.
Society of Canadian Painter-Etchers.  Three showings.
Painting by Artists of the Maritimes.  Nine showings.

In a letter to Madeline Coughey dated September 16, 1941, Walter Abell discusses ideas that will broaden Maritime Art Magazine’s parameters in order to make it of national interest.

Arthur Lismer was Maritime Art’s Montreal correspondent.

Abell asks Madeline Coughey in October if she would be interested in writing a feature article about a subject relevant to Maritime art.  Abell noted that while good articles were abundant in other parts of Canada, it was difficult to obtain texts on Maritime subjects.

Sadie L. Organ writes to H.O. McCurry in November advising him that the St. John’s, Newfoundland Art Students Club has decided to become a member of the Maritime Art Association.  The Art Club requests three exhibitions from the 1941 – 1942 programme:  Czechoslovakian Water Colours, Paintings by Artists of the Maritimes, and the Canadian Royal Academy.

In a letter to Sadie Organ, H.O. McCurry states that he thinks it is wise that the Art Student’s Club should defer applying for Carnegie assistance until they have more experience in their new endeavour.

Walter Abell suggests to Julia Crawford that she write to John Meagher asking for financial assistance from the MAA’s Carnegie grant to order to obtain a possible series of lectures.


During the 1941-1942 season Walter Abell lectured at Saint John and at Moncton.  Andre Bieler lectured at Fredericton, Sackville, Saint John, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Halifax and at Wolfville.

Seventh Annual Meeting

25-27 May 1942,  Normal School, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

25 May –  8:00 p.m.  At Madge Smith’s studio on Queen Street.  Registration.
Official welcome,  preliminary business.  Treasurer’s report.
Appointment of audit committee.  President’s report.

26 May  – 9:30 a.m.  Business meeting.  Report of auditors.  General business.
Exhibitions, etc.
1:00 p.m.   Luncheon at Brunswick Street church.
2:00 p.m.   Business meeting.  Maritime Art.  Discussion of policy.  Next
annual meeting.  Election of officers.
4:30 p.m.   Tea at Government House given by His Honour, Lieutenant
Governor and Mrs. Clark.
5:00 p.m.   Visit to Observatory Art Center at the University of New
Brunswick and other points of interest on the campus.
Picnic supper served in the Ladies Reading Room  at the
7:00 p.m.   Talk by Millar Brittain working on his murals for the Tuberculosis
Hospital, Saint John.  Demonstration and talk by Jack
10:00 p.m.  Pottery demonstration by the Deichmans.  Talk by Kathleen
Shackleton; showing of portraits.  Showing of the A.Y. Jackson
film by Ted Campbell. Talk by A.L. Wright, “Growth of the
Theatre in England.”

27 May –  9:30 a.m.   Executive meeting.

Election of Officers for 1942 -1943

President:  John N. Meagher
Vice-President, New Brunswick:  Millar Brittain
Vice-President, Nova Scotia:  Walter Abell
Vice-President, Prince Edward Island:  James E. Harris
Secretary:  Violet Gillett
Treasurer:  W.R. Pheeney

Ex-officio members of the Executive:
Jean Byers for Nova Scotia, Lucy Jarvis for New Brunswick, A.L. Wright for Prince Edward Island.

John Meagher began his President’s Report by acknowledging the effect the war has had on the MAA’s exhibition programme.  Meagher acknowledged that the lectures given by Walter Abell and Andre Bieler bolstered the reduced exhibition programme, providing an enjoyable and thought-provoking alternative.

The Art Student Club of St. John’s, Newfoundland became an official member of the MAA in November 1941.  They have shown the Czecho-Slovakian Water Colour exhibition from the NGC, and held an exhibition of local artists; the latter event drew over eight hundred attendees.  Meagher suggested an exchange of exhibitions between the artists of Newfoundland and those of the MAA.

Meagher notes the success of the exhibition exchange between the MAA and artists from British Columbia, stating that the exhibition of work by Maritime artists was also seen in several Western centers and in the NGC, illustrating the importance of such inter-provincial exchanges.  He went on to suggest that those MAA members who attended the Kingston and Toronto conferences promote this idea among artists outside Atlantic Canada.

Meagher praised the first year of the publication Maritime Art, singling out Walter Abell as the reason for its success.  Meagher noted that part of the Carnegie grant received by the MAA this season was earmarked for the magazine.

Louis Muhlstock provided the MAA with a show of his work; Nicholas Hornyansky of the Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers enabled the MAA to circulate its first exhibition of graphic arts.

Arthur Lismer was judge for the annual Maritime Artist’s Exhibition.

In a June 05, 1942 letter to H.O. McCurry, John Meagher writes of some conflict surrounding the magazine Maritime Art as some MAA members feel the publication is being used as “an organ of the Federated Association [Federation of Canadian Artists].”  In addition, Walter Abell is making it clear that he feels that the magazine is getting too big to remain a regionally-based publication.  (Letter from John Meagher to H.O. McCurry June 05, 1942.)

On June 16, Walter Abell writes to Andre Bieler, soliciting his ideas on the topic of setting up a national magazine.  (See 1941-1942 Documents section of this web site).

The MAA Executive solicited written comments and suggestions concerning the question of a national art magazine.  In an August 03 circular written by President John Meagher, he states that only four member groups sent replies and that all their ideas or suggestions completely different.  Furthermore, Meagher also reports that it is unclear as to whether Walter Abell would continue in his capacity as editor if the situation does not change.