1943 – 1944

September 01, 1943 – August 31, 1944

The first edition of the Maritime Art Association Bulletin is published in October 1943.

Exhibitions chosen from the NGC for the 1943-1944 season:
Canadian Group of Painters Exhibition 1942-1943
Canadian Society of Graphic Art Exhibition 1942-1943
Canadian Children’s Exhibition
Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour Exhibition 1943-1944
Canadian Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers
Silk Screen Prints
(A seventh exhibition title is not mentioned in the files at hand).

Exhibitions organized by the MAA:
Maritime Art Exhibition
Associated American Artists of New York – Etchings and Lithographs

Ellis Roulston, Exhibition Director for the MAA, writes to H.O. McCurry in April 1944 with a list of exhibitions that would available for circulation during the 1944-1945 season.
In an effort to streamline the process of selecting and scheduling exhibitions, the list of possible exhibition choices will be sent to member groups who would in turn bring their exhibition choices and schedule dates to the ninth annual meeting of the MAA, taking place in Sackville at the beginning of June.

The Ninth Annual Meeting of the MAA took place in Sackville, New Brunswick
01-03 June, 1944 at Mount Allison University.

Violet Gillett, who replaced Walter Abell as President of the MAA, opens her report commenting on the increasing success of Canadian Art Magazine.  Gillett also notes the MAA’s Bulletin as an important place of discussion on art.

Gillett made known her disappointment with those member groups who ignored topics and suggestions made by the MAA Programme Director, Edith Hudson.

The Art Student’s Club of St. John’s, Newfoundland withdrew its membership from the MAA citing difficulties involved with transporting exhibitions due to the war.

A new member to the MAA, the Le Havre Chapter of the I.O.D.E. of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia was welcomed.

The MAA purchased a slide projector as discussed at the 1942-1943 annual meeting.

On the subject of the MAA Bulletin, Gillett stresses that member groups must actively participate in providing items and opinions to publish.  Gillett notes that the publication was meant as a vehicle for the whole region, but as content is being left to a handful of editors, article subjects can tend towards favouritism.

Gillett advocates co-operating more closely with the Federation of Canadian Artists, stating the Federation “has definite aims – aims which if reached, must be shared by the Maritimes, unless we are willing to forego the benefits that will be given to other provinces.”  (President’s Report May 20, 1944, p. 5)

According to the minutes of the annual meeting, a motion was carried that the MAA write and express support for the Federation and its reconstruction program.  However, the letter would also state that in the event the Federal Government undertake any projects in the Maritimes, the MAA would consider their own organization as representative of the region.

On the subject of exhibitions, Gillett asked that more member groups take more of the circulating exhibitions in the coming season, not only availing art to a wider public, but also reducing the cost of each showing.

It was suggested that the MAA sponsor a one or two-man show once a year with a limit of twenty works in the exhibition.

It was also proposed that the MAA sponsor a travelling exhibition of work by student artists from the Nova Scotia College of Art, Saint John Vocational School, and the Mount Allison University Art Department.  It was further suggested that a travelling exhibition of art work by school children be initiated.

The idea of creating a list of guest lecturers that was raised at the last annual meeting did not pan out as hoped.  It was put forth that each member group create its own list of locally available speakers and submit this list to district social clubs, etc., with the suggestion that the club provide at least one program a year to the subject of art.

A letter from the Atlantic Woodcarver’s Guild requested that an exhibition of the work of the AWG be exhibited in the annual MAA exhibition.  It was moved that the MAA would list the AWG exhibition with its own, but member groups who chose this exhibition would be responsible for its care and transport from venue to venue.

A letter from Walter Abell in Ottawa was read to the delegates in which he advises the MAA membership that he is resigning as editor of Canadian Art Magazine; Abell notes that the publication’s board of managers will be holding a meeting in July in Ottawa and thinks the MAA should be represented.

Election of Officers for 1944 -1945

President:  Violet Gillett
Vice-President, New Brunswick:  John Bishop
Vice-President, Nova Scotia:  H.A. Russell
Vice-President, Prince Edward Island:  A.L. Wright
Secretary:  Lily Mitchell
Treasurer:  H.K. Mitchell
Programme Director:  Edith Hudson
Exhibition Director:  Ellis Roulston